Lighting Design for the Dock B Zurich Airport in Switzerland

Client: Burckhardt & Partner AG Zurich
Location: Zurich | Switzerland
Year: 2008 - 2011
Lighting Design of all Interior and Exterior Areas

The existing building was completely gutted. Based on the existing supporting structure the Dock was totally redesigned and reconstructed.
LDA was in charge of the design of the complete interior, emergency, security and outdoor lighting systems.

A clearly zoned lighting concept was implemented, dividing the space into motion and rest areas. An easy and fast orientation as well as a stress-free stay in compliance with applicable laws and standards is ensured.

Special features:
Façade integrated outdoor lighting
Overall lighting system running with minimal glare
Development of special solutions for specific areas
Implementation in a very short construction period and in compliance with very tight budget conditions.

Photographs by LDA: